Prism wins Kemphanen

Incredible but true !

Who is Prism?

Three Belgian performers brought Prism to life. Ben, Vincent, and I, each professional improvisers, have known each other and played together for years. Each is an expert in their own Belgian region, Ben in Antwerp, Vincent in Ghent, Charlotte in Leuven. On top of that, we are three very different improvisers with different tastes and focus points. With Prism we accumulate our strengths.

What is Kemphanen?

A 2-yearly competition to determine which longform improv group is the ‘best’ in Flanders. You each play 35 minutes, the audience votes. You play 2 evenings, if you win twice, you get to the semi finals, to then end in the finals.

So what happened?

On dec 15 2019, we were very priviledged and honoured to take the golden rooster home.


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