Teaching abroad: “Hello World !”

Teaching at a big International Improvisation Theater Festival, oh yes, the dream. That one thing of which I thought:

“If I can do that, I have made it. I made my dreams come true. “


In november 2018, I was asked to teach 3 workshops at the Big IF, Barcelona Festival. Thanks to this amazing and wonderful experience, 2019 is now presenting itself :

I couldn’t be more excited and very happy about what this year will bring me. The focus of Zeggedis for this year lays on public speaking (workshops & coaching), authentic play (Prism.), experiments with gender equality (show) and anything with Hila Di Castro, who is amazing and the best addition to my life.

Thank you universe, for I am eternally grateful.


Photo of the Globe by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels